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CatzR4me Sales Contract

CatzR4me Contract & Conditions of Sale


"There are no implied warranties in this contract."

All transactions originate and are governed by the laws of South Carolina

Delivery is a option not always given, but always paid for by the purchaser.

Delivery fee is subject to change depending on distance, price of gas, etc.

Shipping from anywhere other than Columbia, SC Met Airport

will also have travel fees for my driving (4 hours each way)


This warranty/contract is required and is due immediately, without this form, there is no implied warranty whatsoever, also, if this form is not completed and returned we may choose to refund your deposit and resell the kitten.  If you need help getting your warranty printed please let us know!


Bobbie Munro

P.O. Box 751

Pelion, SC 29123


Catzr4me Cattery Payment Policy and Health Warranty

 This contract was updated May 01, 2023 (any other contracts are void)

Name of SELLER: Bobbie Munro, of Catzr4me Cattery All kittens / cats require a deposit to hold them. 

BUYERS required deposit is $_______________ total price is $__________________ for

(kitten description)


Name of BUYER(S):___________________________________________



 (initial the following paragraph ONLY if you are purchasing this kitten/cat for PET)

If this cat/kitten has been purchased as a pet, the BUYER agrees that this cat/kitten will not be used for breeding. This cat/kitten must be neutered/spayed by 5-6 months of age for a kitten, and within 14 days from time of delivery for cats/kittens over 6 months of age at the time of purchase. Breeding a kitten/cat sold as a pet only is a violation of this contract. The breeder retains the right to file legal action if buyer breeds this cat/kitten without breeding rights.  

Penalty for breeding without breeding rights $3000


(Initial the following paragraph ONLY if you are purchasing this kitten/cat for BREEDING) If this cat/kitten has been purchased for breeding, the BUYER agrees not to resell or loan this kitten/cat to another individual or cattery with breeding rights or registration papers. When the BUYER no longer wishes to breed and/or show this cat, the BUYER will neuter/spay this cat and either keep it as a pet, or place it in a safe indoor pet home without registration papers after it has been neutered/spayed.  SELLER does not guarantee the success of cats sold for breeding and/or showing. Catzr4me Cattery only sells breeding cats to cageless or minimum cage catteries. Minimum caging means cats are only caged temporarily for things like quarantine, birthing, or sickness, and they do not live in cages. BUYER agrees not to keep this cat/kitten in a caged living situation.. Cats are social animals and are not meant to live in a cage. SELLER recommends that male cats especially, should have their own room of the house where they can be kept away from females as needed, but can have plenty of room to play, climb, and relax. BREEDING/SHOW BUYER INITIAL_______

Read the following completely and initial that you have read and agree to each term.

This contract must be initialed, signed, and returned to buyer no later than when the kitten is picked up to be considered valid.

Deposit is payable cash, check, Western Union or Paypal using the family and friends option so their are no charges on my end - if I receive charges you will be expected to pay them at he end of the sale.  The balance is paid in CASH at pick up.  If I am flying cat to you or you are flying to me to pick up kitten then Western Union is your only option and must be paid AT LEAST a week prior to flight.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!    BUYER INITIALS________

Exact time when kitten can leave the cattery cannot be given, but Kittens normally go to their new homes between 10 and 14 weeks of age, depending on weight, size, how long they have been eating solid food, social development.  Some kittens may be ready before or after the estimated time frame. Kittens will not be allowed to leave early just because a certain time frame may be more pleasing to the buyers. BUYER INITIALS________

Catzr4me Cattery is not a boarding facility. A boarding fee is charged when kittens are not picked up in a timely manner. Kittens that are ready to go must be paid for in full and picked up within two weeks of notification that they are ready unless otherwise arranged by written and signed contract. There is a $50.00 weekly boarding fee that begins on the first day after the kitten has been left for two weeks.  The boarding fee will increase to $75.00 per week after the 4th week ($50 week 3 + $50 week 4 + $75 week 5). Seller will not release kitten/cat to buyer unless all fees are paid, including any accumulated boarding fees due to late pick up. Kittens/cats not paid for in full, including any accumulated boarding fees due to late pick up, will be place back up for sale week 6 and NO REFUNDS will be issued due to failure to pay in a timely manner. BUYER INITIALS________

Catzr4me Cattery is now a closed cattery for safety reasons. A closed cattery means that customers are no longer allowed to come to our home "just to see the kittens."  We have found in the past that people have gone from cattery to cattery and that puts us and our kittens at risk.  You are welcome to come here to place the balance of a deposit on your kitten in person or to pick up ONLY.  Otherwise, we will meet you in a public place not far from our location.  If you do not agree with this policy, Catzr4me Cattery cannot sell a kitten to you.  Initial only if you agree to this policy. BUYER INITIAL________

Catzr4me Cattery strongly advises against keeping cats or kittens with dogs that have any history of aggression. SELLER does not warranty any injury or death to a kitten resulting from a dog attack or a dog being overly rough with a kitten. SELLER also advises against leaving kittens alone with very young or rough children who may accidentally injure a kitten. SELLER does not warranty any injury whatsoever that occurs once the kitten / cat has left Catzr4me Cattery. Buyers will ensure that an adult is responsible for the care of this kitten /cat. Buyer will not leave this kitten / cat unsupervised with a child or animal that might harm it. BUYER INITIAL________

SELLER reserves the right to cancel a sale at any time prior to a kitten going home, for any reason. Depending on the circumstances of cancellation, a reason may or may not be provided. If SELLER cancels a sale, any money paid will be refunded to BUYER unless the cancellation is due to a breech in the contract by the BUYER. If a BUYER changes his mind for any reason, NO MONEY will be refunded.  Once you decide upon a kitten, you cannot change your mind and switch your deposit to another.  Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable except in the case of the death of a kitten in which case it will be transferred to another kitten.  Basically said - if you change your mind, you lose your deposit.  BUYER INITIAL________

Catzr4me promises to send updated photos via email, text, cattery website, or Facebook of deposit held kittens at least once every two weeks. We also promise to provide CFA registration papers and/or breeding pin IF purchased, at the time said cat/kitten is picked up or delivered. If CFA papers are late arriving, you may choose to reschedule your pick up or we can mail the papers to you. Retired cats and kittens purchased as pets will not come with CFA papers. BUYER INITIAL_________

SELLER will provide at least one round of vaccinations before the cat/kitten is delivered to the BUYER.  A record of medical care will be given to the BUYER. BUYER INITIAL________

Time limited health warranty:

SELLER does not provide refunds of deposits, unless SELLER cancels a sale. In the event of an ill kitten with a covered illness, A healthy exchange kitten will be offered. The following are covered illnesses: FELV, FIV, PKD, and serious high grade heart murmur of grade 3 or higher. Catzr4me does not give cash refunds. Catzr4me provides a three (3) day limited warranty that your purchased cat/kitten is free from feline leukemia virus (FELV) and the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) , as well as Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and serious high grade heart murmur of grade 3 or higher at the time of purchase. * A special note concerning heart murmurs: Low grade 1 or grade 2 heart murmurs are not covered by this contract because these low grade heart murmurs are usually not considered serious, they are not contagious, and they often correct themselves over time. BUYER INITIAL________

This contract does not cover any other treatable illness that kittens may commonly get, such as, but not limited to, eye infection, respiratory infection, ear infection, and parasites or fungal infections, although Catzr4me does our best to limit such occurrences. This contract does not cover any illness, treatable or otherwise, that said cat/kitten may contract later in life, or after the warranty date. No other illness/injury is covered under this warranty. There is no guarantee concerning any imperfect feature, such as crooked teeth or nose, kinked tail, or head bump. There is no guarantee for show quality, personality, sexual development, or success of cats sold for breeding. These are factors that the breeder cannot always predict or control, and therefore will not guarantee. BUYER INITIAL_________

To validate warranty, BUYER must take the purchased cat / kitten to a licensed veterinary within three (3) days of the date of purchase for a health examination that includes testing for FELV, and FIV. Buyer will quarantine said cat or kitten away from all other pets until vet exam is completed. If BUYER chooses to test for PKD , it is expected to be completed by BUYER within 30 days of the date of purchase and can be completed using an internet testing laboratory. Vet Examination and any testing shall be at BUYERS expense. If indicated by veterinarian test or laboratory test results the cat / kitten purchased is suffering from FELV/FIV, or has a serious high grade heart murmur of grade 3 or higher, or tested positive for PKD the BUYER must notify the SELLER immediately within 24 hours of the findings, to qualify for the first available exchange kitten/cat. Under NO circumstances is the SELLER responsible for ANY veterinary charges or medical testing fees. BUYER is responsible for transporting ill cat/kitten to SELLER. BUYER will provide SELLER with a veterinarian signed note and a copy of the test results on his or her letterhead stationary explaining the findings, or a certificate from the laboratory providing PKD test results before the kitten can be returned. This guarantee will be void if the cat / kitten is exposed to any other animal between delivery to the BUYER and the examination of the cat / kitten. Under NO circumstances is the purchased cat / kitten allowed to be destroyed prior to notification of the SELLER, regardless of the cat / kittens medical condition. To do so voids this contract. BUYER INITIAL_________

If one of the covered illnesses are found with purchased cat / kitten, an exchange kitten can take up to 1 year from the date of notification. SELLER will offer up to three replacements and if none are accepted by the BUYER, it must be assumed that the BUYER is not open to replacement and thereby forfeits rights to said replacements.  The BUYER is responsible for all transportation of replacement kitten, etc.  BUYER INITIAL_________

The BUYER must understand that the cat / kitten may require additional boosters to achieve immunity, other than those provided by the SELLER, as well as annual vaccinations. The BUYER must understand that vaccinations do not guarantee immunity. The BUYER promises to maintain a preventative vaccination schedule as necessary, and to keep the cat in good health. Seller strongly advises that prior to bringing home this cat/kitten, all other cats in the home should be tested negative for FELV and FIV, examined by a veterinarian, and vaccinated against common cat viruses, even if they appear healthy. BUYER INITIAL_________

 By signing this document, BUYER has read and agrees to the terms of this Catzr4me Cattery legal warranty and payment policy. Catzr4me Cattery does not place kittens or cats with anyone who does not agree to our terms. Not valid unless signed. If this signed warranty is not presented to the seller, then there is no implied warranty whatsoever. Catzr4me Cattery Owner/operator Bobbie Munro   P.O. Box 751  Pelion, SC  29123

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