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I have always loved animals.  Some of my earliest memories are trudging thru swamps  with my dad, collecting tadpoles so we could take them home and watch them grow into frogs. 


When I married my husband (another animal lover) we would bring home kittens and puppies that had been thrown out by the side of the road. 


My husband and I often joke that if we ever hit the lottery we will open up a shelter for wayward animals.  I've rescued, I've nursed back to health, I've held a paw in their dying breath, I just love animals. 


To me, a day spent in the company of an animal is better than one spent with most humans.


CatzR4me is a small cattery located near Columbia, South Carolina.  


We primarily produce the Shorthair  and Long Haired Exotic

 (a shorthair Himalayan or Persian) in all colors but we specialize in Chocolate and Lilac.

It is of great importance to me to nurture these cats and kittens in a loving, healthy,

disease-free environment. 


Because our goal is to produce exceptionally affectionate cats & kittens with outgoing personalities,

we only have 4 adult females so we can devote one on one time to each kitten.


Adopt your next friend from CatzR4me and enjoy a lifetime of happiness


A purrfect friend in an otherwise imperfect world 


New laws issued

limit shipping on ALL kittens purchased from breeders.


I can travel with the kitten if you need shipping. 

(Additional charges will apply.)


This is the only way other than you flying to me that it is legal to ship kittens.


For More Information, Email Us.........


or call at 803-414-1607 - No calls or texts after 7 PM Eastern Time